Leading edge craftsmen

Art and technology at the service of Champagne culture.

PRESSORIA is the result of an intense synergy between craftsmen and artists, all at the height of their talent.

Winner of the sketch competition in April 2018, the Atelier Philéas Architecture project management team, accompanied by the London design firm Casson Mann for the scenography, were chosen for their original and innovative approach.

Carole Calvez, a famous perfumer specialized in scenography and olfactory design, has been also called upon to reconstitute subtle and complex odors such as those of vine flowers, chalk, damp earth or a wine press in the middle of the harvest.

Along the way, you will also discover sculptures, light shows, audiovisual productions, and interactive media to explore Champagne from every angle.

In total, more than 90 craftsmen and artists have worked to bring PRESSORIA to life.

Discover the craftsmen and artists
  • Lightning concept :
    Atelier H. Audibert
  • Scenographic concept :
    Casson Mann
  • Project management :
    Atelier Philéas Architecture
  • Script writer and audiovisual production :
    Drôle de Trame
  • Multimedia and interactive development :
    Théoriz Studio
  • Technical design office :
  • Acoustician :
    Avel Acoustique
  • Construction companies :
    La Bâtiment Associé
    Atelier Bois & Cie
    Les Plâtres Modernes
    ID Verde
  • Perfumer, specialized in scenography and olfactory design :
    Carole Calvez
  • Landscaping :
    Raphaël Favory, Atelier Moabi
  • Sculptor :
    Gilles Nicolas
  • Construction and scenographic design :
  • Painter :
    Jean-Nicolas Boulmier
  • Graphic designer :
    Atelier 59
  • Assistant to the project owner :
    AG Studio
  • Shorthand companies :
    Louis de Torhout
    ETC Audiovisuel
    OXY Signalétique
    CAA Agencement
    Mot de passe

Scientific experts

To make people dream through a sensory experience and to ensure we are well representing the appellation and the product high standards. Here were the requests from which the selected technical teams, accompanied by a scientific committee, guaranteeing the accuracy of the message, had imagined the sequencing of this project which takes the visitor “from the earth to the bubble”.

The scientific committee of the project has brought a great requirement of contents. Above all, it was concerned with transmitting the Outstanding Universal Value of Champagne to the public, as set out in the UNESCO management plan.

Discover the members of the scientific committee
  • Mission Coteaux, Maisons et Caves de Champagne – Patrimoine mondial.
    Jean-Luc BARBIER
  • Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne
    Brigitte BATONNET
  • Cité du Champagne – Collet Cogevi
  • Champagne House – Laurent-Perrier
    Fanny CRIBIER
  • Centre for Study and Research in Cultural History – URCA
    Richard DUPUIS
  • Induced Resistance and Plant Bioprotection Research Unit
    Florence FONTAINE
  • URCA
    Claire MALDIVE
  • Study Group on Geomaterials and Natural Environments – Anthropic and Archaeological Environments – URCA
    Gilles FRONTEAU
  • Tourist Development Agency of the Marne
    Philippe HARANT
  • Effervescence, Champagne and Applications Team (CNRS) – URCA
  • International Institute of Champagne Wines – Villa Bissinger
    Aurélie MELIN
  • International Institute of Champagne Wines – Villa Bissinger
    Etienne MONET
  • Syndicat Général des Vignerons de Champagne
    Florence OUDIETTE
  • Villa Bissinger, winegrower, and bubble producer
    Éric RODEZ
  • History of the techniques and actors of Champagne
    Yves TESSON

The Local Public Company

To ensure the management of PRESSORIA, the Community of Communes wanted to use a tool that combined flexibility and control: the Local Public Company

The commercial and touristic functions of the Center required flexible and responsive management.

Thus, this management method meets a double expectation:

  • public in its organization,
  • private in its operation.

The Community of Communes has therefore created this structure with some of its member communes, whose shared objective is “the promotion of tourism, the development of the attractiveness of the territory and the management of touristic facilities”.


A diversity of actors has committed themselves around this innovative project and thus have given birth to the Sensory Interpretation Center of Champagne Wines. Pressoria warmly thanks all its benefactors.