Pressoria ‘ s prize list

Pressoria has been praised by many institutions since its opening.

The entire Pressoria team is honoured to have the Interpretation Centre highlighted. Indeed, these awards are a recognition of the work done by all the people who worked to make this sensory visit to Champagne a success.

Trophées Champenois 2021 – Special Jury Award

Jeunes Talents du Tourisme 2021 – Special Jury Award

Trophées de l’Oenotourisme 2022 – Outstanding offer

Rubans du Patrimoine 2022 – National Award

Préservation du Patrimoine Viticole 2022 – National Award


We are particularly pleased to share the Rubans du Patrimoine and Préservation du Patrimoine Viticole awards with the Museum of Champagne Wine and Regional Archaeology in Epernay !

These common awards are in line with our common goal: to enhance the value of our heritage, our territory and our know-how.

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