Champagne(s) workshop

Champagne(s) workshop !


Pressoria offers tasting workshops! For one hour, discover the particularities of our land while developing your knowledge of Champagne wines.


Champagne(s) is an introduction to the main grape varieties of Champagne.


Discover Champagne through its three emblematic grape varieties: chardonnay, meunier and Pinot Noir.

Pressoria invites you to come and immerse yourself in the terroir of the Champagne region and its diversity through the tasting of three “mono-varietal” champagnes. Accompanied by a passionate expert for an hour, come and learn more about chardonnay, meunier and pinot noir to understand their differences/particularities in your glass as well as in our land.

Around a mythical Blanc de Blancs, a powerful Blanc de Noirs and a gourmet Blanc de Meuniers, you will discover the secrets of the Champagne vineyard and the history of our grape varieties.

Learn more about the Champagne region, its terroir and its grape varieties and book your tasting at Pressoria now!


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No prerequisites for this experience. Only adults can participate.


Accessible to all levels, learn how to describe a wine through sensory analysis (what is the colour of its robe? what are the main aromas?…), learn about wine vocabulary in a simple and fun way. You will be given a notebook and a pen to keep a written record of your discoveries!

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